This is a playground where you can have fun and figure out how the API works for making PDFs with charts. Use the example provided, and don't forget to add your API key, document ID, and data payload to test your own documents. Have fun experimenting!

API Reference

Request URL


Request method


Request Headers

  "Content-Type": "application/json"

Request Body

documentIdID of the document for PDF creation
dataValues for elements in the document
apiKeyYour API key
outputOutput type, either "json" or "binary"
disableCache (optional)Disable cache or not (default: false)


The API response includes information about the generated PDF. The response format varies based on the requested output type. If the output is binary, the API will return binary data for the PDF. Otherwise, it will return the following JSON:

messageA descriptive message indicating the status
signedUrlThe signed URL to the generated PDF file.
contentTypeThe content type of the generated PDF. Always "application/pdf"